Our tagline "SaffronStays with You" and GoTo person for all things creative Tanuja Bhat
Content! Content! Content! Alpana Mandal - SpaceBar
Testing the crap out of the system an standing behind us like a ROCK! Sneha Karani
From managing accounts to chipping in his own staff, Phew! Pushkar Patil
Giving us a world-class UI and design and giving us an identity (logo) Ankita Dumbare
Vetting our legal stuff Rama Jachak and Divya Hazra
Tech advisor, support, guru Shankar Ramchandran
Printing needs Ashish Godbole
A BIG thank you for saying 'no' to us! Some smart-ass coders, who forced us to "do-it-ourselves"
Constant tweaks, suggestions and tips Vishal Jain
Enhancing performance and speed Rohit Joshi and Shuchita Bhargava
For 'ethical' hacking and helping us secure ourselves Jinen Patel
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